Hi everyone! Today is Stephen’s 46th birthday. Yep, I’ve got myself an older man….by a few months. We are getting up there….creeping up on the big one. I won’t say it or put it in writing; makes it seem less real. ha! No major plans for today. He had physical therapy, work, and then we will go out to a nice dinner. His choice, but I’ll offer some suggestions, of course.

Ironically enough, I was with some girlfriends last night at a planning meeting for some upcoming fundraising events. One of my friends mentioned that her friend’s son was just diagnosed with MS. And she kept saying “…he’s just so young” and I asked…like a teenager? How young are we talking? MS isn’t as common in younger people so I was really curious. Then she says, “YOUNG!… I think they just had a baby”. I’m like “30ish” right? YES, she said.  That IS YOUNG. Seems like ages ago when we were celebrating thirty! Exactly 16 years ago… Stephen was diagnosed right after his 30th birthday. Hard to believe it when I think about it that way. I guess people said that about him when we learned of his diagnosis. “He’s so young, and they have a young baby…”

We celebrate him and his birthday every year, without fail, but it makes me wonder… but I’ve never asked him. Is it a bad reminder too? Does it make him think “this is the same time I learned of my MS and the constant reminder of what this disease has made my life look like, what it has done to my body?” I’ll say it again, he isn’t sitting around dwelling on this crappy hand he’s been dealt. But it has to make you think it is kind of a bittersweet celebration. Yay! I’ve made it another year, another year to be with my family, work, LIVE….and another year of MS.

But tonight we will go out. Have a nice dinner some wine and of course he ALWAYS wants dessert. We will reflect on the past year. The good times, the hard times, our family, friends and make a toast to another year. Even with MS, life is good…but always hoping it can be better. xoxo

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