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All the Feels

It’s Labor Day or just Monday here in Panama. I hear we are having some much needed rain at home. We may be getting it here soon! We are sitting out by the pool under some seriously threatening clouds. We just got back from taking Caroline to the airport. She is boarding the plane as I type. I kept it together; no tears! We hated that she had to go home but duty (school) calls! We enjoyed a few days together seeing a few sights and eating our way around the city!

This experience is becoming more and more real by the minute. First appointment is tomorrow at 9:00! A lot of people have arrived at the hotel in the last few days. All of them are seeking the same thing we are. A miracle. We’ve seen people with spinal cord injuries, MS, children with severe autism and cerebral palsy just to name a few. It’s heartbreaking. Emotional. Stephen looks good compared to some. But we all want for things to get better. Is that bad? Everyone’s struggles are different and it’s hard to put it in perspective. All these families want to see their loved ones better – whatever that means for them.

So I didn’t cry leaving Caroline at the airport but I can’t stop my tears as I’m writing this (out by the pool behind my sunglasses while Stephen is next to me reading TxAgs). So many emotions. So many fears and hopes. These feeling have completely caught me off guard. I think it’s seeing these parents with their kids and knowing the hope they are all feeling is real and HUGE! Praying for ALL these people and Stephen too and just feeling blessed to be here.


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