Are you saying there’s a chance?

Yes, we are still in the middle, but there is something happening on the horizon. Something new and exciting…a chance… hope for a different future. Hope for what? Chance for what? Over the years Stephen has participated in different drug trials, treatments, etc… He sees his neurologist frequently, follows all of the recommendations and takes all the prescribed medications, but still the disease is progressing. They make no claims otherwise, it is just part of it.

Stephen came across some treatment a few years ago involving stem cells. We went to the informational meeting, toured the facility in Houston but ultimately decided it wasn’t something he felt comfortable with, for multiple reasons.

Spring 2018: A close friend was at a work event and small talk with a colleague of his turned into MS talk, which turned into….”…my dad has MS and he got stem cell treatment and now he is walking and has his life back”.  Ok, there was more to the conversation than that, but you get the idea. Our friend called Stephen and filled him in on all the details, shared numbers and we started doing a little research on our own. So many  things to consider, so much money, no guarantee, not approved in the US, just to name a few. But stem cell treatment gave this man his life back, his next step was a wheelchair. This sounds so familiar, maybe now is the time to take some risks?

What’s the next step?

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